The Activities Department at The Shannon Gray Rehabilitation & Recovery Center has an ongoing personalized program that meets the needs and the mental, physical and psychosocial well-being of our residents.  The wide variety of activities that we provide targets each of these individual areas. The Director of Recreation Services is a licensed and certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Our goal is to provide our residents with an exhilarating leisure experience throughout their stay and journey to recovery.

We also offer a newly developed sensory stimulation room called Snoezelen that has proven to have positive effects on our residents physical health, mood, attention, memory, relaxation and behaviors.  With the combination of soothing music, dancing lights, aroma therapy, tactile items, this room provides a therapeutic, calming environment that allows for our residents to relax and get away from the “real world”. 

Our Activity calendar high lights fun and interactive activities that serve a purpose in their health and well being including: Exercise, BINGO, cognitive programs, music performances, socials, Bible study, along with many more. We also provide 1:1 visits to our residents who are unable to attend group programs. 
















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